Over the past year I feel that I have really developed my skills in a number of areas including portfolio and digital design, garment design and construction, screen-printing and developing interesting textiles and contextual writing, with my essay and blog. Seeing the current third year’s collections makes me excited for next year, and seeing how much hard work has been put into their FMP’s makes me determined to be thoroughly organised and inspired for my return next September. I will also be attending New Designers, as well as one of the Graduate Fashion Week shows. I hope that seeing these collections that the students have been producing, will be useful for me when putting together my own in the future.

Before starting this year, I was convinced that I would only ever want to produce a range of textiles in my third year, as sewing just was not my thing! However, over the past year, and after the successful completion of my denim garment in the first semester, I am now determined to design and create garments using my own textiles. Over the coming summer I will be practising with making and altering patterns and constructing garments so that I feel even more confident by September. As well as developing my practical skills I also plan to research my dissertation.

Thinking about my future, post-graduation, I have decided that I would love to continue working in my own style, possibly creating textile-based products to sell, as I feel that my creative boundaries would be somewhat limited when working for a big company, also textile design can be an extremely competitive industry to get into.  Obviously being freelance or self-employed is not always a source of stable income, so I would need to also figure out what areas of industry I would enjoy working in part-time. I experienced working in a gallery this year at the Josef Frank exhibition and loved working in this environment, as I have always been interested in art and culture, so perhaps this is a route that I could consider and gain more work experience in. After hand-in I plan start contacting relevant people, so that I can arrange some different work experiences in different areas and figure out exactly what I want to do.

Overall my second year of study has enabled me to create outcomes I am proud of and develop my skills in all areas.



❊Print design- My knowledge of photoshop has improved considerably and can now arrange digital prints in a more professional and precise way.

❊Hand-drawn skills- I enjoy drawing, painting and fashion illustration (increasingly these are becoming skills requirement within textile-design job roles).

❊Creative direction- I enjoy creating visual themes, stories and emotion within my work and envelop myself within a brief when designing portfolios for example.

❊Being adaptable- I don’t limit myself to what I can or can’t do within fashion and textiles and always try out new ideas, expanding my creative boundaries.

❊Writing + research- I enjoy the research process (with essays for example) and like learning new things.


❊Prioritisation of workload-  I sometimes spend too much time working on certain areas of a project and neglecting others.

❊Pattern-cutting + Fashion Construction- I don’t have much confidence regarding my technical fashion construction skills and still require help when making garments.

❊Evidencing research in technical file- I often focus more filling my sketchbook with imagery and research and forget to document what I am doing in my technical file.


❊Promoting work – Use social media accounts (Instagram, WordPress, Artsthread etc.) to market myself. Create an online portfolio to attach to job applications.

❊Visit exhibitions, attend talks, get inspired – In order to inspire dissertation and FMP. Visit New Designers + GFW.

❊Use contacts-  to gain work experience/placements within industry, network with relevant people.


❊Money- I don’t want to have to compromise too much when creating my FMP and promoting my work, therefore need to take actions in preparing for this.

❊Organisation- Keeping organised and sticking to a set plan.

❊Loosing inspiration- Keep creatively active over summer, preparing for 3rd year.



✰Hand in work feeling confident that I have tried my very best.

✰Have a productive summer, preparing for my final year and being able to return to Uni with clear ideas and plans.

✰Practise making patterns and garment construction over summer.

✰Gain experience within a variety of industries.


✰Design and create a successful pre-collection and FMP, combining fashion and textiles.

✰Develop fashion and textile practical skills.

✰Write an interesting dissertation which links to my main studio practice.

✰Graduate with a final collection and grade classification that I am proud of.


✰Continue with my own creative work, possibly freelance/self-employed. Sell products/designs?

✰Work part-time in an industry I enjoy being in, to be able to fund materials etc.

some of the years successes 🙂


About darcieoliviaolley

I am currently studying a BA HONS in Fashion & Textiles at the Colchester School of Art. This blog is being used as a diary, to document my creative journey and record my responses throughout the course.

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