Today we had a informative talk from Tania Bines, design manager at childrenswear company ‘Paul Dennicci’. We learnt that Paul Dennicci are one of the UK’s top contributors to the baby clothing market, dealing with all of the high street retailers. 80 percent of their designs are commissioned as licensed products, for example Peter Rabbit for Mothercare. It was really interesting to see the boards for some of the designs, to the final product. Tania stressed the importance of having a good understanding of illustrator, as this is a skill most employers will look for. As a local company, in the past Paul Dennicci has employed a number of Colchester graduates, and now a large portion of the design team consists of ex-students.

It was really interesting to hear what Tania personally looks for when viewing portfolios and CV’s, and commented on how she is sick of seeing boring plain-black portfolio cases! As we are entering into a creative field it is important to reflect that in every aspect of your presentation.


About darcieoliviaolley

I am currently studying a BA HONS in Fashion & Textiles at the Colchester School of Art. This blog is being used as a diary, to document my creative journey and record my responses throughout the course.

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