Lisa Temple-Cox – Fine Artist

“My current research interests revolve around the aesthetics and symbolism of the medical museum; using its collections, taxonomies, and histories as metaphors for a contemporary subjective experience of the body, in life and death. My history as a mixed-race, post-colonial child informs a practice exploring interstices: between science and religion, the normal and the pathological, the familiar and the uncanny. These themes are visualised through mixed-media processes which include drawing, assemblage, and installation.”

We recently received a really interesting talk from a Colchester-based artist called Lisa Temple-Cox, who gave an insight into the history and influences behind her work. Lisa’s interest ‘teratological specimens’ (teratological being the greek word for monsters) and the human anatomy has led her down a path of very specific research, inspiration and outcomes.

In our post-lecture discussion the conclusion we all came to was that Lisa’s passion and in-depth research into her subject had benefited her when it comes to creating her own art. She also mentioned the importance of drawing and not relying on photography to document visual research, which of course is a necessity but something I am guilty of not  always doing enough of.

Overall I found Lisa’s enthusiasm and vast knowledge of her subject area really inspiring.



About darcieoliviaolley

I am currently studying a BA HONS in Fashion & Textiles at the Colchester School of Art. This blog is being used as a diary, to document my creative journey and record my responses throughout the course.

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