Beginning her career as a textile designer, French-born, London-based Camille Walala specialises in transforming spaces with a vibrant blend of colour and pattern. Seen in venues and adorning buildings across London, Sydney, New York and beyond, her designs are instantly recognisable, explode with energy and are engineered to evoke a smile in anyone who sees them. Walala is influenced by Pop art, the work of the Milan-based Memphis Group, South Africa’s Ndebele tribe and Op-art pioneer Victor Vasarely, but her gleefully asymmetric patterns and eye-popping approach to colour are entirely her own.

For Firstsite Walala has created a bespoke pattern influenced by Andy Warhol’s use of colour, repetition and drop shadow, as well as the halftone dot synonymous with screen printing, to adorn one of the most prominent walls in the building, as well as in the café area. The result is an uplifting architectural intervention which reaffirms Warhol’s influence on the artists of today.


I saw this bright and bold wall print on my recent trip to Firstsite, but it didn’t click with me until now that I have a pair of CAT boots adorned with a Camille Walala print! Now it’s obvious to me as she has a definite pop-art style.




About darcieoliviaolley

I am currently studying a BA HONS in Fashion & Textiles at the Colchester School of Art. This blog is being used as a diary, to document my creative journey and record my responses throughout the course.

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